DANGER! Man Digging A Hole For Himself

July 18, 2009

Everybody Needs Someone To Talk To

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When you find out something interesting, is there a person you have to share it with?  If you went through your phone records, is there one number that constantly comes up?  I was wondering if other people had a definite someone they always talk to about the big or little stuff that goes on in a day.  My wife and I called each other 72 times in the month of June (iPhones! YEA!! ).  I initiated all but 18 of those calls.  Wow, how needy am I?  Well actually I call her anywhere from two to three times while I’m at the grocery story to double check stock levels.  That will knock my number dow about 20 but I still end  up with an average of more than one call to my wife about something every day.  In comparrison to how often I call my best buddy, of about once a month, thats pretty severe.  I do twitter, facebook and email with a few people as well, but my wife is also statistically in all of those mediums with me so I’d say that my someone is solidly my wife.

Not much of a Man-Digging-Hole first blog post, but I did want people to know that I’ll probably be discussing a lot of these posts with her and that even with her constant supervision and with the professionalism of a magician, I will still dig a hole for myself.


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