DANGER! Man Digging A Hole For Himself

About the author

Life has thrown too many jokes at me, on me or by me over the last four decades. I can no longer remain silent. Actually, I’ve never been silent, but now I’m writing it down! And we all know if it’s on the interweb it must be the truth!

I’m John Pruitt. I’ve lived in the San Jose area of California since 1968. Due to a freak accident with a radio active mouse, I found that I had the power to understand social networks and computers. Starting with bulletin board systems (my handle was HAL9000) and then moving to AppleLink and on to AOL. I was quoted in the 2nd version of the Using AOL guide. My parents were very proud. The web expanded and I joined the society of online gamers. At this point, the other types of socializing started to crop up. Instant messengers were all the rage. Then came the larger social networks. Plaxo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, twitter and one of my own personal loves Yelp. I read a lot of blogs and now read even more. I’ve played a back seat roll in helping clients with blogging andsearch engine optimization for the last fiveyears. Now I work with a cohesive (word of the day) group of people with the goal of helping moms. When I first said this to my mom friends, the funniest return guess as to how I helped moms was “Are you a Valium distributor?”. No, I’m not.

My twins were born when I was 23. Hammer and Anvil, as I called them, were two for the price of one in every respect. Happiness, chores, diapers but most of all humor. As my children grew up and I found myself becoming my father, their humor kept me laughing. My children are not children anymore. They just turned 22 and both are into their graduate studies in College. I am a proud father and I love my sons.

After seeing so many people with stories, I wanted to fulfill one of my lifelong ambitions and become the horrible writer that I knew lived deep within me.  So I sit at the surface of me andI dig a hole to try to find the writer I believe to be down there.


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